Saeng's Thai Cuisine

Saengs Thai Lunch Specials 

comes with salad, 2 spring rolls and rice 

Red Curry Chicken 13.00

Lemongrass Chicken 13.00 

Vegetable Curry 11.00

Garlic Fish 14.00


Thai Noodle Soup "Pho" Chicken or Beef 12.00

Seafood 16.00

From the Sushi Bar 

Sushi Lunch 13.00

4 piece nigiri; salmon, Tuna, yellowtail, shrimp and spicy tuna roll 

Teriyaki Bento  Box 14.00

comes with 2 spring rolls 

Choice of salmon or chicken teriyaki and california roll or sashimi 

Maki Special 16.00

Avocado roll, california roll, spicy tuna roll