​​​Saeng's Thai Cuisine

Green papaya salad 

Green Chicken Curry


Saeng's Thai Cuisine has been serving the true taste of Thailand in Kailua since 1989. The menu encompasses the wide range of the cooking of Thailand. The menu lists almost a dozen salads and soups. Choose from curries, seafood, noodles, and beef, chicken or pork entrees and specialties. Vegetarians will be pleased by the wide array of possibilities. We will make your food however you want it to be made! Our spices range from mild, medium, hot and Thai hot! Our family style restaurant creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. So please come join us at our local Thai restaurant !


  • Pad Thai
  • Pad Ki Mao (Drunken Noodle)
  • Pad Oon Sen
  • Hand-wrapped Thai spring rolls
  • Saeng's Thai Fried Chicken

  • Pad Ta Khai 

  • Pad Ka Pao

history of Saeng's Thai cuisine


Chef Pat Louangraj, was raised in Laos, but migrated to the northern province of Chang Mai before settling here over 20 years. She has been with the restaurant since it opened. The strong spicy flavors so prevalent in Thai cuisine have been toned down to accommodate tamer Western tastes, so if you like it hot, just tell your server!