​Saeng's Thai Cuisine

Pad Thai Tofu 40.00

​Chicken 45.00

​Shrimp 50.00

​Fried Rice Veggie 40.00

​Fried Rice Chicken or Pork 40.00

​Fried Rice Shrimp 45.00

Cooked Maki Platter

Dragon Roll, Caterpillar Roll, Spider Roll, California Roll and Salmon Skin Roll


Vegetarian Platter

​Avocado Roll, Cucumber Roll, Pickled vegetable roll, Summer Vegetable Roll, 4 Seared Avocado and 4 Soy cured eggplant


​Thai Take Out Platters

​All Sashimi Platter

​6 Salmon, 6 Tuna, 6 Yellowtail,

6 Specialty Fish


Basic Maki Platter

Spicy Tuna, California, Spicy Salmon,

Eel and Avocado, ​Negihama and Avocado Roll


Take Out Sushi Platters

​Dinner Available, Call for Lunch Availability, Pickup or Delivery

​*Not Available for Monday half off sushi

​All Nigiri Platter

​6 Salmon, 6 Tuna, 6 Yellowtail,

6 Speciality Fish


Saeng's Maki Platter

​Hamachi Crudo Maki, Tuna Lover, Alaska Roll,

​Tumeric Salmon Maki, Crispy Goji-Chan Roll, Scallop Kosho Roll


Spring Rolls 40.00

​30 pieces

​Summer Rolls 40.00

​46 Pieces